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Fequently asked questions about our services

1. What do I need to reserve dancers for my party?

*Here is what Info. you will need to have for us when scheduling your event:

a) The Day and Date of your party?
b) What kind of show your booking? Topless, Bikini, or  Full Nude. (if full nude 1-girl or 2?) For MALE dancers let us know if you want them to strip down to a G-string or Full Nude.

c) Arrival time: Decide on a window of time that your dancer(s) could arrive at. (For-Example: o.k. to arrive anytime between 7:30/8:30pm) This way of scheduling has proven to be much more efficient in customer satisfaction and it cuts down on the stress levels of every one involved. Traffic, weather & directions (getting lost), are just a few of the elements that can and very often do effect what time the dancers actually get to there shows. These and other uncontrollable factors make it impossible for us to honestly give you an exact  start and end time for your party. However the dancers will be in contact with you the day/night of the show to make sure all the show details are still the same  and to give you more of an exact ETA.

**We believe in "honesty and communication" with our customers. We won't make you promises we can never insure that we can keep. It has been our experience that happy customers are return customers and that's our goal!**

d) How many Guests will be attending your event? (approximately). *all party's must have at least 5 people in attendance*(WITH THE EXCEPTION OF WNW " GET-TOGETHER " SHOW PACKAGES)  There is NO maximum # of guests allowed at our shows
."The  more the merrier!"

e) Your contact info. name, cell phone #, and a 2nd person attending the party's name and # to be used only as a back up the night of the show should the dancers get lost and could not reach you @ your  #.

f) The Full address of where the Party is being held. including zip code (and unit # if needed)
**( HOTELS)** The Name and address of the Hotel, Your dancers will talk to you the day/night of your show to confirm that all the show info is still the same, and to get the room # .

2. When & How do I Pay?

Payment is to be made in
CASH (only)  to the entertainers before the show starts.
Please have payment collected and ready before the dancers get there.
This is the performance fee (the amount you were quoted when you booked your show) it covers the company's fee and the dancer's time, travel and gas. It also covers
The guest of honor.  He/She will get to demonstrate / participate all of the games free of  charge.
The remainder of the performance consists of games, toys, and activities that require audience participation.and are priced at different intervals through out the show.



Each entertainer works very hard to customize his/her show. *Please remember that just like waiters, waitresses, limo drivers, bell boys etc. your entertainers  make the majority of their money based on T.I.P.S so please be generous and encourage your guests to do the same. The more interest and participation the group shows in their performance will ensure a more fun, and (if there schedule permits) a longer lasting party with you and your guests.

**If each guest comes prepared to spend between $20-$50 than your party will run smoothly. And they will be able to see and participate in the entire show.**

3. How should I prepare for the Entertainers?

Party Room for the event: 
Choose the room that has the largest amount of open floor space. Most of the show will be preformed on the floor or in a chair.
Things you will need for the show:
  A blanket or sheet to put down on the floor. (make sure it can be washed & its not to thick) A chair for each # of dancers you are having.
(1-DANCER=1-chair / 2-DANCERS=2-chairs)  ** Try to find chairs that DO NOT have arms or wheels. &  No bar stools. dining room and folding chairs work the best**
Changing Room for the DANCERS:
  If at all possible have a separate room that is private for the DANCERS to change in when they arrive and to return to, to get dressed after the show. Preferably a bathroom or bed room with a bathroom near by. Try to pick a room that the guests will not be in while the DANCERS are there.
Party hosts:  Please have all guests present before the DANCERS get there.It will only take them a few mins to get ready before the show. Also keep in mind if  they have other shows after yours,they will need to stay on schedule and wont be able to delay the start of the show waiting on guests that haven't yet arrived.

 4. What will the dancers bring with them? The entertainers should have ALL there own supplies needed for the show  Including a portable music player and their own music. (They will need access to an outlet for power)

*All Entertainers should have WNW business cards with them for you & your guests*

They may or may not have change/singles at the beginning of your show, depending on if they had a show before yours that night or the night before. You can always ask them when they call you to confirm the day of your show.

5: What about cameras and video cameras?

No Videos or Photos!!!

Please make sure that all your guests know
that if they are caught taking pictures or video (camera phones included) that they will be the reason the show ends early and the DANCERS do have the right to leave at there discretion if the rules are ignored. DON'T BE THAT PERSON, WHO MESSES UP YOUR FRIENDS SPECIAL OCCASION!

6: Will I Need Security or will they bring their own security?

Some all of the GIRLS will bring a driver/assistant

with them to the parties. The drivers are not there to ruin your party or to
police it. They are only there to assist the DANCERS.

The Party Host
will be responsible for the groups
behavior. Please be in charge of keeping your guests
under control and complying with the dancers requests.

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